Pure Touch Skin
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Pure Touch Skin

 DERMATOLOGY CLINIC - “Where Expressions Lead to Impressions”




Pure Touch is 

  *An Expert Dermatology Clinic in South Delhi,  whose main aim is to offer services for skin care health services for all ages

 *We utilize latest technology from USA which offers safe and effective treatment and gives long-term benefit and  satisfaction.

*We have most qualified,well-trained and experienced professionals

 Our Mission 

 *We believe in providing skin care with humane concern, high ethical values, and utmost attention to patients needs

 *Our ultimate goal is to achieve long lasting relations with patients and clients that have mutual trust and respect.


Dr. Rathors Professional Goal

 * Dr. Rathore is the Clinical Director & Lead Dermatologist
“Healthy skin is your best defense against skin disease and the effects of environment and lifestyle on your skin.  At Pure Touch Skin clinic, myself along with other staff doctors, nurse practioners and physician assistants will do our best to cater to your skin needs.  We want our patients to look their best which would enhance their self confidence.”

Meenakshi Khanna - Founder Says

 “The success of our company has come to stand for a way of doing things: with spirit, flair, courage, instinctive intelligence and teamwork.  We believe in delivering quality care under the supervision of professionals of unmatched talent which leads to customer satisfaction, this is our mantra.”

 Meet our Clinic Leaders

 *Ankita Kapoor, VP & Chief Operating Officer 

Sole mission to ensure smooth patient experience and satisfaction and to solve patient's issue if there is any

*Harvinder Kaur, Dermatology Consultant

*Mission to understand patient needs and offer best possible solutions
*Follow up post treatment with patients 


 Our Technology - XTRAC, the Excimer Laser


The only US FDA approved laser to treat Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Luekoderma
& Alopecia which gives visible results.

* Treatments are safe with no pain and side effects after treatment
* Noticeable improvement after just a few short treatments with long lasting relief.


XTRAC Testimonials

*“XTRAC is a miracle. I praise XTRAC almost every time I have a treatment. I have seen it happen. There is no pain,no flaking, nothing.”
*“Treatment are painless, safe…Patients start to see result usually after the 3rd of 4th treatment. Many patients have a period of remission where the disease stays away for months.”


NEO, Lightpod, the miracle machine

NEO, the newest laser approved by FDA which treats below:---



*Nail Fungus
*Hair Removal
*Skin Rejuvenation
*Acne Scarring
*Wart Removal
*Birth Marks
*Stretch Marks

 Hair Removal By NEO

 *Long term permanent and painless hair reduction of Face, back, bikini area, underarms and legs

*Results in 3 to 5 sittings with follow ups.

*No creams and  skin cooling

*Increases efficacy and removal from roots

Skin Rejuvenation by NEO

*Reduces wrinkles and tightens up the skin
*Extreme precision leads to good resurfacing even in delicate areas
*Stimulates the collagen for new growth leading to smoother and firmer skin
*Also treats any birthmarks, aged or damaged skin as well as marks from chicken pox

New Treatment for Melasma

*NEO treats Melasma, the disease of brown spots
*40 to 50M women have Melasma
*Chemical peels is not an effective treatment
*NEO uses shorter laser pulses to penetrate skin
*Laser generated heat effectively targets the damaged tissue
*Start to see results in 4 to 6 treatments

Nail Fungus Now a New Treatment

*NEO is the only laser approved by FDA for treatment of Nail Fungus
*NEO delivers shorter pulses that heats water in the tissue of the nail bed for fungal destruction
*Average toenail requires 30 seconds to treat
*See treatment results in 3 to 5 sittings
*Get rid of the problem permanently

Ageless beauty procedures, Botox

*Botox injections are  essential for facial wellness, erase frown line and brow lines
*Also smooths wrinkles on forehead and around the eyes
*Botox injections last 4 to 6 months and repeat procedures are required for lasting effect
*Botox is safe and effective, approved by FDA
*Dr. Rathore has extensive experience in delivering Botox treatment in an aesthetically pleasing environment

Juvederm, the miracle dermal filler

*Erase smile and frown lines around the mouth
*Lip augmentation and definition
*Fill larger volume loss in cheeks and cheekbones
*Juvederm gives you a natural feel, cannot been seen
*Juvederm has a positive larger volume effect and has lasting impact up to 9 to 12 months
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